You are Only a Few Steps Away from Downloading over 19,000 Oil & Gas Contacts Worth Over $5,300.00

Name, company, job title, phone number, email address, state & country - All free to you.

You may be wondering why we are doing this. It all started with a blog post, where someone asked if they could pay us to make introductions to ExxonMobil. The truth is that the contacts we have are not what is of value. The real value is our ability to figure out who has the problem that you product/solution solves, and identifying who receives the value. That determines your target and your message.

To prove this we are opening up our CRM to you. Go ahead, reach out to anybody you want. Without having the right target and messaging identified you will probably get nowhere (please note that the downloaded contacts are in a .pdf format to keep spammers from attacking this list).

We are so confident that we are giving you this list of contacts for free, knowing that once your unsuccessful...reaching back out to us will seem like a much better idea. You will also be added to our quarterly Cold Calling into Oil & Gas newsletter that you can opt out at anytime.

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